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Nima Choksi

Nima has completed her Bachelor Of Science in Economics degree from Purdue University, Indiana. She joined BIS in April 2016 and teaches Economics SL and HL to our IBDP students. She has attended the IB Category -1 workshop in 2013. She has previously been a teaching assistant at Purdue University and has taught Economics IGCSE and IB for three years at another prestigious IB school in Mumbai and is an IB examiner.

She would certainly want her students to learn the fundamental concepts of economics. Beyond that, she hopes to facilitate classes that inculcate life-long learning skills in her students. She strives to use student-centered learning principles in class. She relates theoretical economic concepts that students learn in class to current world events. This ensures that the students appreciate the relevance and utility of what they are learning, which invariably helps them stay motivated and keeps them engaged in class.

Further, she is deeply mindful of the uniqueness that each student brings to class and values the individuality that enriches her classroom environment. She believes her conduct in the classroom exudes her passion for teaching and she works towards relaying her enthusiasm for economics to her students.