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Gehna Hingorani

Gehna has a Master’s degree in Management Studies. A highly experienced teacher, she was a lecturer and the Coordinator at the BMS programme since its inception at the prestigious H.R. College for 11 years. Her forte at the college was forging industry-academia linkages. She also led two faculty delegations to eminent universities’ at the U.K and South Africa to study their academic best practices. She taught a summer programme at NJIT University in the U.S. and observed a summer marketing course at LSE, U.K. Gehna was also actively involved in training and development at H.R. College and conducted various workshops on contemporary management topics and academic innovations. At BIS, she teaches Business Management and has attended the DP Category 1 Workshop in Business & Management, DP Category 3 in Business Management and DP Category 3 ATL in the Diploma Programme. Gehna is co-leads the Cultures of Thinking programme at the school and co-presented a paper on Cultures of Thinking at the IB Conference in Barcelona in September 2016.

Outside of teaching, Gehna’s other love is music and she is a registered teacher at Music Together. She loves to travel and explore exotic destinations. She believes in encouraging dynamic, innovative, application-based learning. Her effort has always been to link contemporary events in the world and the students’ own life experiences to her classes. She believes that the teaching and learning is a two way process and that the teachers’ have as much to gain if not more from their interaction with students.