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Parent-led Clubs (PLC)

The Parent-led Clubs (PLC) are a unique BIS set up through which parents bring their distinct skill sets to play an active role in making learning more fun for the children. Formalised under the leadership of Ms. Priti Merchant, Co-Curricular Coordinator, the children are given opportunities to pursue wider interests, and are encouraged to participate in a minimum of two clubs per academic year.

Some examples of the PLC’s that have been conducted:
(Clubs marked with * are being offered in the current academic year)

Classical music makes sense
Appreciating the modern day significance of western classical music, its prevalence all around us along with the different instruments of orchestra.

Practical self-defense*
Preparing to face any form of physical aggression and learn basic techniques to protect oneself (or someone else) from acts of violence, such as molestation, mugging or any form of physical attack.

Exploring nature*
Experiencing being one with nature, sharing the joy of being outdoor, aiding and collaborating with peers, bonding with each other

Cooking up a storm
Learning pairing of ingredients, chopping skills, understanding baking science

View through the lens*
Exposing students to the essentials of photography

Art appreciation
Developing an understanding of the creative process in the field of visual arts. Use experience, observation and imagination as tools to create Art.

Math magic
Getting ready for the math Olympiad…developing problem solving and analytical thinking skills.

The MUN Club*
Learning to speak with confidence at MUNs and public forums …developing and understanding of different MUN procedures.

Creative Writing
Grasping creative writing, critical thinking, research

Riding and Equestrian
Helping children understand and appreciate horses and to learn the basics of riding

FUNda- Mental Science
Learning and enjoying the basics of Science

Fun with Code
Simple guide to online programming

Money Matters
Understanding and managing financial matters

Law Lessons
A basic insight into the legal system

Heart Space
A mindful technique of increasing self-awareness and compassion

The Teenage Brain – An Owner’s Guide
Understanding the human brain and how it develops in youth

Understanding the World We Live In
Awareness/understanding of the social, political and economic issues of our world