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Medhavi Vora

A lawyer by profession, a teacher by passion. Teaching is something very close to Medhavi’s heart. Medhavi has over 9 years of teaching experience in various leading IB schools. She is a Directress from the prestigious Ratan Tata Institute and has completed her LLB from the Government Law College. She also has a B.A (with Honors) from Sophia College, and is currently pursuing B.Ed from the University of Mumbai. She has been part of the pre-authorization and authorization process, and has participated in several internationally certified workshops such as – Jolly Phonics, Making PYP Happen, Teaching and Learning, Key Concepts, Inquiry & Assessment.

Medhavi has been a recipient of several scholarships as well as sports medals, during her academic career. For her, each child is blessed with a certain gift to mark his contribution to the Universe. It gives her true happiness to help in this process of discovery. Medhavi firmly believes in viewing the parent and herself as a single unit, with a sole common focus of bringing out the best in the child.