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Sports / Games

All students at BIS are encouraged to actively participate in sports and games. There are multiple opportunities in different field coordinated by the Sports Committee, Parent led clubs and the concerned staff members.

The Sports Committee at BIS has worked out an arrangement for BIS students from Lower Prep to Grade 8 to go to Cooperage for an intensive PE programme every week. The programme is a very well structured one in which they do fitness activities as well as build skills for sports such as Throwball, Handball, Shot put, Javelin Throw, Long Jump, etc.

The Committee works with PE instructors to help prepare the school’s inter-house sports activities, in order to synchronise it with the MSSA (Maharashtra State Sports Association) and DSO. The following sports are held annually outside the School premises and some accommodated within the school premises :

  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Chess (conducted in school)
  • Table Tennis (conducted in school)

Sports Programmes:

Table Tennis: Classes for TT are conducted by well-known coach – Kedar Kasbekar in school.

Soccer: Soccer coaching is currently offered by IFS. The response and level of this team sport has increased dramatically since they have been appointed. An average of 125 students have enrolled in this programme and the response is overwhelming.

Karate: Karate has been offered at BIS since 2008 by the Academy of Martial Arts under Sensei Pervez Mistry (8th Dan black belt). Over the years, on an average 30 students enrol in the class and are today ranked between white belt (beginner) and brown belt (senior student).

Cricket: Cricket is also being offered in the school and has got a great response. Around 25 kids have enrolled in the cricket coaching run by Bayside Sports and conducted at Hindu Gym.

Basketball: Basketball commenced in the year _____ through a program run by Gold Standard Sports at the MSSA Grounds.

Gymnastics: This is offered once a week in the school premises and is headed by Prashant Sir.

Trekking and Hiking: This activity is run by a parent led club.

Sports Speak: This is an integral part of the sports programme where prominent sports personalities are invited to talk to the students.