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BIS Bags the Best School Award at 13th Pearl Padamsee Competition for Speech and Drama

It was indeed a moment of pride when BIS bagged the best school trophy once again at the 13th Pearl Padamsee Competition for Speech and Drama held on September 30, 2018. Kunal Parikh from Grade 6 stood first in the senior category and Pragya Deepak from Grade 3 secured the first runner up position in the junior category.

Students who represented BIS in the first round were selected after a round of internal eliminations. In the Junior Category, Shiraz Aga and Kanav Parikh while in the Senior Category, Janini Balaji and Naima Ramakrishnan worked just as hard to put up a great show! Janini Balaji also represented BIS in the final round. Kudos to all the participants who worked so hard to represent their school.

Student Speak

Kunal Parikh

“When I first received the topic I started out from scratch. I did not know anything about it so I started understanding it by thinking over it. I then researched so I got a better understanding of it. I analyzed the topic and made pointers. Then I had to write a script that had to be revised several times. I learnt that it is not necessary that you only explain something through talking or presenting. You can even act which is fun and you learn a lot from the whole process. I learnt a lot from my teacher and also from the feedback received from the judges.”

Pragya Deepak
“In this process, I enjoyed the art of presenting on a big stage with use of voice modulation and emphasis on clear communication. Great fun for me overall with support from Ms. Azmin at BIS.”

Parent Speak

Mrs. Parikh

“Kunal has participated in the Pearl Padamsee competition for a couple of years, and every year it has been a wonderful and enriching experience. There is tremendous learning in the whole process with all the thoughtful topics, as well as lots of fun and school spirit irrespective of whether one wins or not. I love to see the enthusiasm of the children and am equally thankful for the support, guidance and encouragement given especially by Ms. Azmin and the school for promoting the all-round development of children.”

Mr. and Mrs. Deepak

“Was lovely to see Pragya build a strong stage presence through this process. Kudos Ms. Azmin for your dedication!”

Teacher Speak

Ms. Azmin

“Competitions always declare winners. However, at BIS, the constant and conscious decision is to enjoy the process. This year, I was pleasantly surprised, when while directing the students, some of the drama students like Aditya and Abhay from Grade X, provided their valuable feedback to the participants while some others in Grade 6 also gave their suggestions while observing their peers. It is this enthusiasm and the spirit to help each other out that is transformative at BIS. I’d urge more students to help themselves by participating in the auditions held before we choose students to represent BIS so that they may benefit from this process of self-discovery and self-confidence.”

– Ms. Azmin Mistry

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