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Bis students win multiple accolades at renaissance 2018

BIS Students Win Multiple Accolades at Renaissance 2018 Inter-school competition spans a wide array of cultural, art and literary events

BIS students won several accolades and the school won second place overall, as the school with the highest number of awards at Renaissance 2018, an inter-school festival offering a wide array of cultural, art and literary competitions, organised by The Universal School at Tardeo, Mumbai on September 22, 2018.

The event aims to foster the multiple intelligences of students and was students from Grades 1 to 10. While 15 students from BIS registered for different events, there were 18 other schools participating. The teachers who coordinated the preparation and pariticpation were assisted by Mrs Rashna Dutta, a parent.


Stories Come Alive

Explore Textures

Poetry Slam


Think Out of the Trash

Short and Sweet

India on a Canvas

I am a Robotist


Sing Along

Tiny Tales





Explore Textures

Nirvaan Kejriwal

Grade 2

2nd place

Poetry Slam

Aariya Shah

Grade 4  

2nd place

Short and Sweet (Haiku-writing)

Shiraz Aga

Grade 4

1st place

Sing Along

Mishka Bhosle

Grade 6

1st place

India on a Canvas

Dev Mehta

Grade 7

2nd place

Stand up comedy

Janani Balaji

Grade 8

2nd place




Second place

–   Ms. Priti Merchant

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