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Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace is an International Organization that inspires and equips new generations of leaders from regions of conflict with relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance lasting peace. It has local programs in 27 countries. BIS has been a Partner School with Seeds of Peace ever since the program was brought to India in 2001.

The largest program of Seeds of Peace is their International Camp that is held annually in Maine (USA), where 200 students from around the world are selected to participate. They learn to confront their prejudices and deep-seated fears and tackle issues that fuel violence, hatred and oppression in their countries, through various group tasks and intensive conflict dialogue.

Seeds of Peace adds a whole new dimension to a student’s growth as it involves education through experience – something BIS has always encouraged. It prepares students to lead the diverse society of the 21st century while maintaining global peace. The work that Seeds of Peace does has made impact on thousands of lives, and has inspired many.

For more information, www.seedsofpeace.org