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Nandakumar Menon

Nandakumar has a Masters in Physics and has taught Physics and Math in the IB Diploma Programme as well as the A-levels before he moved to BIS. He has attended the IBDP Category 2 workshop in Physics in 2011 and, more recently, the Category 3 Subject Specific Seminar in Physics. He has previously worked in Research and Development in the electronics industry but found his calling in teaching and feels that his experience and knowledge can be put to better use in this vocation. As a student, he found that he enjoyed those classes more where applications and history of the subject were discussed and now he gives back to the system by following that practice in his own teaching. He continues to be involved in research work in Physics. Nandakumar also has a keen interest in Indian philosophy and music. He firmly believes that a teacher’s own interest and enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and will rub off on the students and advocates knowledge for its own sake: the destination being the journey itself.